World Health Organisation (WHO) promotes healthy ageing and defines it as “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing at older age”.

Life expectancy has increased globally from 30 to 72 years. A longer age should ideally translate to new opportunities for the individual, for their families and friends and their community as a whole. The bonus years could enable one to pursue ones passions and enjoy life with family and / or community, but this will only happen if we are fit and healthy.

Biological changes coupled with other changes such as retirement with possible relocation and perhaps death of close family members along with physical and mental decline makes it difficult for people to retain their functional ability. Thus ageing youthfully can happen only if long before we get old we renew and work on our intention to remain active and healthy and live purpose lives.

Of-course it is essential to plan for healthy ageing by doing strategic investments and saving money, maybe taking on a health insurance, and taking steps to remain fit through attending health issues as they arise, healthy eating and exercising and contributing to the community.

Having a loving partner or friends with whom you share your interests and work together in maintaining physical and mental health can work wonders for our golden years. It is important to remember the gut neuron connection and also indulge in fun activities such as dancing, singing and playing musical instruments and even learning new things to keep our mind agile. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness can play an important role as do other basic things such as consuming enough water, sleeping, checking on your health in time, taking supplements and most importantly hanging around with people you have fun with. Mind is stronger than the body and while ageing is inevitable, the rate of ageing is not!!