Youth is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood and taken as being between the ages of 15-24 years. Adolescents are those in the age group 10-19 years, Young people covers both youth and adolescents and the age range is between 10-24 years.

Hormonal changes during adolescence bring about a lot of curiosity and interest resulting in risk taking in the adolescents. Counselling and occupying them in useful pastimes would help control risk taking behaviours such as rash driving, drugs, smoking, drinking, sex and hopefully suicidal behaviour also. Counselling which is critical, is lacking for adolescents and youth in our county.

Youth constitutes a growing proportion of the world’s population and they are the ones who will shape the world of tomorrow. In the south Asian region many countries are experiencing a youth bulge – defined as a demographic change when the proportion of the youth aged 15-24 years increases significantly as compared to other age groups. As per the census of 2011, youth in India constitutes 1/5th of India’s total population and would have reached 34% share of the country’s population in 2020.

Since we have such a large proportion of youth, if they are educated and skilled in keeping with the future demand of the market, a huge demographic bonus can result due to having more working hands than aged or dependent population.

The demographic bonus is also staggered in different states and one can see a predominantly youthful north and maturing south and west. A policy focus on the right education and skills and gainful employment, especially women’s participation in the workforce, a safe and voluntary migration and inclusive urbanisation is the call of the day.

Through mentoring the young ones to ascertain their interest, personality and ability I hope to make a contribution in helping them decide their future and work towards fulfilling their dreams. I hope to be able to undertake coaching to help them to transform their lives and achieve their aspirations. The young ones are our future and if we fail to guide and counsel them now, whether in their studies or behaviour or attitude. we will never be able to recover the lost time and will pay a heavy price in the future.

Youth can make or mar the country and the world. Let’s invest in them.